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Simon, an awkward high school senior, hopes to escape the vicious world of his small town school after graduation.  When he wins a state-of-the-art augmented reality headset he begins using this new technology to cope with strife at school and at home.  However, as the family’s financial problems spiral, Simon struggles to keep touch with reality.

A moving, if vicious, drawing of the disconnect in Iowa families.  This poor kid just can't navigate the real world without some support system.   

Baby I'll Turn the Sky Green for You

In a ravaged 2051, a lonesome nurse struggles to keep her father on life support, despite her nihilistic, FEMA-worker sister's insistence that they take him off. In Act Two, the cast transforms to play the older generation  in 2019.  The yearning novelist father now tries desperately to convince his agronomist wife that a child is worth the environmental impact, and misconceptions are revealed.  An intriguing look at the responsibility that we have to other generations and the personal costs of action and inaction.

Of Madness and the Electric Dream

After discovering a groundbreaking new technology, wind research scientist, Cam, is faced with opposition from her financially-minded boss. While she struggles to develop her new prototype, Nikola Tesla similarly contends with Edison for the chance to electrify the world. But what are they each willing to sacrifice in the name of progress?

I had the pleasure of working with this script as part of the 2018 Mizzou New Play Series, and it is fantastic! The actors really enjoyed digging into their roles and finding the nuances in the piece, and Sklenar does a great job blending research with humanity throughout.

The OMNILVX Method

When Jeanine, a graphic designer with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, gets dumped, her strange dreams lead her to a group of “like-minded people” who help her begin to fill a hole in her life. As she begins to get pulled deeper into this community, however, her rowdy sister’s bad feeling about the group lead her to try to extricate Jeanine from their grasp. As the organization begins to help her grow, she must decide if her sister’s objections are stronger than the new community in which she is growing.

Stay the Night 

A college student tries desperately to figure out why his partner refuses to let him sleep in the same place, despite the fact that they've been having sex.  As the night seems to stretch forever, dark secrets emerge and their relationship is pushed to the brink in this intimate piece. 

Enamored of an Ass

A companion play to Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Enamored of an Ass is predicated on the question "What if the women stopped putting up with the men's shit?" When Oberon releases Titania from his love spell, her frustration with Oberon’s mind games causes her not to throw herself back into his arms, but to choose Bottom instead. However, this relationship proves to be far from ideal. At the same time, Hermia and Lysander struggle to keep their marriage afloat, Hippolyta challenges Theseus to a duel for the hand he claims to have “won,” and the working class fairies begin to question their position. Enamored of an Ass questions themes of patriarchy, class structure, and romanticized love.

Short Plays



Two neighboring pigs in a CAFO clash in personality. But as the new pig settles in, they both learn new things about life, love, and nature of confinement.


In a timeless city stretching sea to sea, a homeless Prophet foresees an impending nuclear holocaust. Hearing this, the Physician conceals the looming disaster from her love and sets off to reach the brainless Politician and stop the inevitable. But as the odds stack against her, she must choose between the ultimate sacrifice and loosing the city she loves. A surreal look at the nuclear anxiety of our current moment.

The God Strain 

An expressionist dive into the world of a botanist who is trying to find a new normal after her world has been irrevocably altered.  In order to find a way forward for herself and the world, she must bring to life a genetic development with unprecedented capabilities: the God Strain.  However, she must keep her job and her grasp on reality long enough to bring this project to fruition.


While still reeling from the impact of their parents’ sudden death four years previous, Joan and Denny are thrown to the brink of ruin when their life insurance money runs out. Joan, struggling to reconcile the roles of mother and sister, must try to galvanize the injured and unmotivated Denny to get a job while she tumbles down a rat-hole of memories and alcohol.

The Wanderer 

A mysterious Wanderer discovers the audience, and bargains to take refuge with them in exchange for a few stories.  Winner of the KCACTF Region V Planet Earth Award. 

1 Person

If you like the works of Tennessee Williams or Arthur Miller you need to see this play. Dead Silence is an engaging, well-written story with very strong performances from the three cast members.

Dead Silence

A spoken word poet tries to make a name for himself at the mic and hold his relationship together when a dark past starts creeping back into his life. 

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